Why You Want a Fast Blog Loaded on Your Blog URL

Why You Want a Fast Blog Loaded on Your Blog URL

Internet users’ patience nowadays is getting shorter and shorter. Because of this, they do not wait for websites to load fully if the latter would take more than five seconds to load. This is one of the main reasons why you want a fast blog loaded on your blog URL.

Make sure you get fast blog web hosting when you first set-up your site.

Websites, especially blogs with lots of posts, can take some time to load. And though this may seem acceptable to you, the blog owners, it won’t be acceptable to most Internet users. Because of this, having a slow blog is like a sin on the Internet world.

Why You Need a Faster Blog

Faster blogs are getting better traffic and revenue not because they have more ad banners or they have a lot more content than your blog. It is because they are simply faster. Of course, content and more factors will certainly affect your website’s traffic and revenue. But web page load speed will also contribute in your ranking, traffic and revenue big time.

  • It Will Do Good on Your Revenue

You are creating a blog most probably because you want to earn money from it. And if you want to increase your conversion rate, which will make your revenue better, you have to have a faster blog.

Having a faster website will make visitors want to stay on your website for longer. Because they can see the other pages of your website in just a few seconds, they will stick around and get the information that they need. This means that there will be more opportunity for you to promote your products. Thus, you will have a higher chance of closing a deal with a faster website than with a slow website that everyone simply abandons.

  • You Will Have Better Search Result Rankings

When your visitors don’t abandon your site even before your page loads, your site’s bounce rate will be lowered. Because of this, search engines will see your website as something valuable. This will result in these search engine crawlers to index your pages and show them on their search results even more. Thus, your search engine result rankings will be much better, which will give you lots of traffic that will ultimately result to increase in profit.

How to Get Better Page Load Speed

If you are serious in making your blog load faster without sacrificing your budget for a better and more expensive hosting, you need to follow these tips.

  • Trim Down on Widgets and Plugins

Uninstall or deactivate any plugins that you think are not really that useful for your site. Include only plugins that your users will surely benefit from so that your plugins won’t take too much time to load.

  • Reduce Your Images’ Size and Video Uploads

If you can’t entirely reduce the sizes of the images of your images, you can edit them and reduce the quality so that they won’t take up too much space. You can also just link or embed videos from various sources rather than uploading them on your server.

Making your blog faster is quite beneficial so make sure that you take time to evaluate and enhance it to make your rankings and earnings better.

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