What is the Difference between Web Hosting and URLs?

What is the Difference between Web Hosting and URLs?

What is the difference between web hosting and URLs? Many people are asking this question, particularly newbie blog and website owners. But even though it can be confusing at first, differentiating web hosting from domain name is easy. You just need to know the uses of the two.

Web Hosting and Domain Name

  • Web Hosting

A web host is the service provided by a web hosting company that lets you make your content visible and accessible to Internet users. A web host is a place where you save or store your content, which will be accessed on the Internet.  You can pay month to month for web hosting.

  • Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your website. It is the address that Internet uses enter on their browsers to find your content, which is stored on your web hosting server. These domain names are registered under domain name registrars.  Great a great deal on a domain name here.

Web hosting and domain names are very important aspects of a website. Without these two, you won’t be able to make your content available on the Internet. Thus, they work together so that your content will be seen by your website visitors.

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There are web hosting providers that also provide domain name registration. Also, there are domain name registrars that offer web hosting solutions to their clients. Thus, if you want to have a web hosting and domain name, you can have them both at the same provider. Though, you must keep in mind that you need to evaluate the quality of service that web hosting providers and domain name registrars can provide so that you can have a faultless service with fast web hosting and efficient domain name.

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