Things that may be Causing Your WordPress Blog to Load Slow

Things that may be Causing Your WordPress Blog to Load Slow

If your WordPress site is too slow, there might be a couple of problems causing this issue. You might find it hard to determine the causes if you are a newbie at creating and maintaining blogs so it would be helpful if you will have a guide that can tell you the things that may be causing your WordPress website to load slow. This will not only help you determine the issue but will also enable you to solve each one, which can make your website load faster.

Things that Cause a WordPress Website Lag

Here are some of the common causes of website load slowness. When your WordPress site is too slow, make sure that you take a look at these elements or issues so that you can resolve your site’s lagging.

  • Too Many Plugins

Plugins take up space and bandwidth. So if you have too many plugins, your site’s page load speed will be too slow. This is why it’s a good idea to remove plugins that are not really needed on your site. Sure, these plugins are great at maximizing the functionality of your WordPress blog; but they won’t be of much help if your visitors are abandoning your site because of the slowness of the page load caused by these excessive plugins.

  • No Cache

Your WordPress site’s cache files are important as they can make your site load faster on browsers of visitors that have already visited your site before. Cached files make loading of web pages easier since the heavy or bulky files are already saved on browsers, making the loading not too heavy.

Use cache plugins for WordPress to help your site load faster.

  • Web Hosting

Another reason why your WordPress site is slow is because of the slowness of your web hosting service. If your web hosting provider is too slow, it automatically makes the webpage load of your site to be slow. The components of your website or server will also add to the problem, making your WordPress site slower.

Shared hosting plans are often slowed down due to other users that consume too much bandwidth on their account. So if you can, use VPS hosting or a dedicated one. You can also change hosting providers. Be sure to choose well-established ones to so that you can be sure that the shared servers are not overloaded.

Hostgator hosting is great with WP, it helps WordPress load faster.

  • Updates

WordPress itself and most of its plugins often need updating. And if you are not updating all of your WordPress site’s aspects, the page load speed will be affected. So, be sure to update your site regularly and make sure that all of your plugins and site elements are up-to-date.

  • Too Much Traffic

Large traffic is fantastic, but, it can also cause a problem to your website’s page load speed. During traffic surges, your server won’t likely be able to support the bandwidth, which will result to a very slow site. And if your site is receiving large traffic on a regular basis, your WordPress site will be very slow. So, be sure to go for a better hosting plan or provider to accommodate your site’s traffic.

Make sure that your site is always fast to ensure that your visitors will frequent your blog and won’t abandon it due to lagging.

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