Picking the Best URL Blog Website Address for Your Site

Picking the Best URL Blog Website Address for Your Site

Choosing the best URL blog website address for your site is one of the hardest things that you are going to do when creating your own blog. Because this will help with your rankings, your marketing and your website’s popularity and perhaps success, you need to choose a website URL that will help make, not break, your self hosted blog.

Knowing some useful tips on how to choose the best blog URL for your site should give you a lot of advantages when purchasing a domain name. Thus, read a lot about weblog URLs and tips about buying a good domain name. But if you don’t want to browse lots of sites for this info, you can read the list of tips below to know more about website URLs and tips on buying them.

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All About Choosing a URL

Here are some things that you need to do when purchasing a domain name for your own blog. Keep in mind all the benefits that your website URL can do for your site so that you can choose the best URL for your site.  You can check URL availability here.

  • Get a .com

Do your best to get a .com URL. Because this is the most common extension that Internet users know about, you should try to use it. This way, your visitors can easily remember your whole URL and they can enter it on their browser’s address bar and be brought to your site directly.

  • Register with Multiple Extensions

If you have the money, try to register your chosen website URL with multiple extensions. Aside from .com, also register with extensions like .net and .biz. This will enable you to still snatch up the Internet users who mistype your domain name using different extensions. This will also prevent your competitors from registering an identical URL website address to yours.

  • Be Short but Avoid Acronyms

When picking the best URL website address for your site, make sure that you do not make it too long. Let your website URL be no more than three words so that your visitors can remember it easily.

But, do not use acronyms and cutesy name so that your visitors won’t have a hard time remembering your website URL. Refrain from using ‘number 4’ for ‘for’ or ‘u’ for ‘you’ as this will make your visitors confused on which word to use. This can make it hard for them to find your site or make them land on a different website, worse, your competitor’s site.

  • Review, Review, Review

Before you finally register your chosen domain name, make sure that it doesn’t spell out or give inappropriate meanings. Read your domain name over and over again and type them without spaces so that you will see if they will spell out something that is not nice.  When you’re ready to build your blog, go here for pay monthly hosting tips.

Maintaining the integrity of your business will also depend on your chosen domain name. Because this is one of the first things that Internet users will know about your company, you should make sure that it is appropriate and it makes your business show legitimacy, reliability and sustainability.

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