Pay Monthly Blog Web Hosting Companies

Pay Monthly Blog Web Hosting Companies
Do you want to quickly get your blog website up and running?  Do you want to launch your blog on a URL or blog internet address that you own and control?

If yes, you need blog web hosting.

Don’t use free solutions offered by or, etc.  You can’t choose your own domain name for free.  You have to use what is called a subdomain (i.e,  This makes it harder for people to remember and type in your blog URL address.  Plus, you don’t have control of your blow as you don’t control the domain.

WordPress or Blogger could end their service, and you’d be out of luck.  It happens all the time.

If you can’t afford a full year of web hosting for your blog, no worries.  Just get month to month web hosting from a cheap, reputable web host like HostGator.

You’ll feel great once you have your blog up and running.  Get started today!

There are prevailing notions that pay monthly blog web hosting companies are all about the monthly fees.  However, this is not entirely true, it is also more of an issue of customer and technical support.  There is no doubt that contacting support can translate to relative costs for bloggers.  For example, if you are working on a fixed monthly budget for your operation, every day that your blog goes down, it means loses for your operation, something that can be crucial for small to medium enterprises.

Many bloggers are extremely price conscious, and rightfully so.  In fact, it is one of their motivations for opting for pay monthly blog web hosting companies.  Unfortunately, many of them overlook one of the most critical issues of consideration, the customer and technical support capability of the host provider.  Excellent customer and technical support is only built through years of experience in the industry.  It is therefore important to take a closer look at these support issues.

  • Quick response time.

Regardless whether it is a blog or a full-featured website, extensive downtime is unreasonable and unacceptable.  This is why, when looking for pay monthly blog web hosting companies, you should look closer into their customer and technical support capabilities by focusing on their response time.  Ideally, quick response time would mean that the host provider can get the blogger online in just a few hours, or preferably in a matter of minutes.

The ability to deliver quick response time though is based on the ability to preempt potential problems as well as correctly identify causes during troubleshooting.  This capability is based not only on knowledge, but also on experience, something that industry leaders like hostgator for example can deliver with consistency and quality, which is why it has become one of the preferred hosting service by many bloggers.

Usually, the reasons that customer or technical support is required are that clients lost, forgot, or cannot use their password.  This is has become so common that many hosting providers have turned to the use of automated responses and processing to provide new password that the client can change immediately after successfully logging in.  This  is one way to ensure that quick response time is met.

However, the downside with automatic responses and processing is that customer and technical support staff are no longer trained to handle issues covered by this facility.  So when you are actually with a live staff, and the question has been intended for the automatic responses and processing system, it will take a substantial time to get a reply, because, they need to research and look it up before they can come up with a particular solution.

Being put on hold, even for just a minute, will translate to loses.  How huge a loss would depend on the actual characteristic of the blogHigh traffic blogs that rely on advertiser revenue will definitely suffer with every minute of downtime.  This emphasizes the importance of not only knowing that there is customer and technical support, but also find out if they are capable of a quick response time.

  • Availability of support.

Unbelievable as it may sound, but the reality is that majority of cheap host providers do not even have any type of customer and technical support to speak of.  Toll-free numbers, if any, are commonly reserved for high paying clients only.  Email and chat support usually ends up in the trash with no hopes of any practical solution to whatever problems being encountered.  Regardless whether you are making money on your blog or not, this type of condition is simply not worth the aggravation.

Lost revenues will eventually be replaced, but, the reputation that you get on the Internet for being a blog website that is always down or perennially with problems is something that is clearly unacceptable.  This is why, when choosing for the best pay monthly blog web hosting companies, ample time should be dedicated to understanding the level and quality of their customer and technical support capability.

Finding good support usually relies mostly on the number of ways that you can get hold of the host provider.  For example, with hostgator, bloggers will be able to reach them through a toll-free number, a local number, via live chat, email, fax, and snail mail.  There are more than enough communication facilities that will allow bloggers to get through and insist that their problems be addressed.

The truth is that customer and technical support costs substantial amounts of money.  If you choose host providers because they are cheap or free, then essentially you are not paying for the support.  Hence, it would be common sense not to expect any acceptable level of customer and technical support, which, is not the best way to go if you are serious in establishing your own blog.

  • Leaving costs money too.

Finally, you got fed up with the slow response or lack thereof.  Many bloggers would think to charge it to experience and move on to a better hosting provider. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that, simply because leaving costs money too.  Keep in mind that majority of cheap hosting providers offer unbelievably low price in exchange for long-term agreements that can be five years on the average.

The worse thing is that you are usually asked to pay upfront, with no trial periods, so that you will not get an initial glimpse of the lousy service until you have paid for it.  The next thing you know, you are already signed up with them for the next five years.  If you are willing to throw away that upfront fee or allow them to continue charging you monthly until the end of the agreement, then you may think there will no longer be any problems.  That is where many bloggers are dead wrong.

They overlook problems with switching DNS for the domain name, as well as the possibility of being charged with a cancellation fee.  These are often never taken into consideration when looking for pay monthly blog web hosting companies.

These are seldom addressed support issues when looking for the best pay monthly blog web hosting companies that are worth considering.


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