How to choose the best WordPress web hosting for your blog

How to choose the best WordPress web hosting for your blog

Knowing how to choose the best WordPress web hosting for your blog is really advantageous because it will enable you to take advantage of various benefits that your chosen web hosting and WordPress has to offer. But if you are not sure which web hosting you should select for your WordPress blog, here is a WordPress web hosting guide that you can use to determine which web hosting provider or plan you should get so that you can maximize your WordPress blog.

WordPress Web Hosting Guide

There are various types of WordPress web hosting that you can choose. Based on your needs, you should choose one that will be best suited for your blog.

  • Free Hosting

There are free hosting services that you can get but you have very little control over your website with these hosting plans.  We don’t recommend free blog hosting.

  • Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, you will have unlimited disk space and bandwidth but you are sharing with tons of other users, which should not be a big problem if you are just setting up a simple WordPress blog.  We think Hostgator is the best way to go for WP blog hosting.  Plus, they’re cheap!  Check-out Hostgator now – you’ll be happy you did.

  • VPS Hosting

This is a more private yet more expensive hosting for your WordPress blog. You will have your own servers, virtually, which will provide you with more benefits and more freedom.

  • Dedicated Hosting

This WordPress hosting is one of the most expensive as you are renting a whole server with this plan. But, you have all the freedom that you need with this hosting type.

  • Managed Hosting

This is also one of the most expensive hosting plans as you are paying an expert to manage your hosting account and server. This is great for busy people and newbies who need someone to maintain their hosting.

Choosing a Good WordPress Hosting

Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing the best WordPress web hosting for your blog.

  • Compatibility

Some web hosting providers specialize in WordPress hosting. If you need a hosting company that provides a plan that is completely compatible with WordPress, you might want to go with them.

  • Installation

Look for a web hosting provider that offers scripts or tools that will make WordPress installation easy. There are many hosting providers that offer this feature so you won’t find it hard to look for one.

  • WordPress Loading Speed and Uptime

Aside from the speed of WordPress installation, you should also consider how fast your WordPress blog will load when hosted on a specific hosting. Choose one that offers great bandwidth and great uptime percentage.

  • Support

The support system is also another important thing to consider because you will need this a lot. Make sure that your chosen provider offers different customer service types such as support ticket, live chat and phone support.

  • Pricing

Another factor that you need to consider is the pricing of WordPress hosting plans. Make sure that the prices are not too high while ensuring that the services are of high quality and are commendable.

Hostgator is the way to go.  What are you waiting for?  See why we like them so much …

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