How to Choose the Best URL Web Address for Your Blog

How to Choose the Best URL Web Address for Your Blog blog url for cheap

Knowing how to choose the best URL web address for your blog is quite beneficial as it will enable you to take advantage of the things that your domain name can do for your website. Because a website URL can influence the rankings, performance and popularity of your website, you should take time in consider the best domain name that you can give to your blog.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Website URL

Here are some tips on how you can come up with the best URL web address for your blog.

  • Choose Relevant Keywords

When thinking of a URL web address, you should think of relevant keywords to include or to turn into your own domain name. This will help your visitors to remember your website URL easier. This will also give potential subscribers an idea what your website is about. This is quite helpful whenever an Internet user searches for a blog that can provide him or her with the information that he or she needs.

  • Choose a Brandable Name

When choosing a good domain name, make sure that it is brandable so that you won’t have problems when you promote your site. Website URLs that are unique and easy to remember should be your top priority.

You can either choose relative words or make up compound words to make an interesting URL web address.

  • Choose the Most Common Extension

If you can, choose the .com, which is the most common extension. This will make it possible for your visitors to easily remember your whole website URL, which will enable them to directly enter your URL web address on their browser’s address bar.

But if you can’t have the .com extension for your preferred website URL, you can either choose another domain name or you can choose different extension for your chosen domain name. Extensions such as .org and .net are some of the most common extensions next to .com.

  • Punctuation Marks

Nowadays, website URLs can have a few choices of punctuation marks on them. Including a hyphen can be tempting to make your website URL unique. But this will not make your URL web address easy to remember.

Adding punctuation marks can make it hard for your visitors to remember or type in your name on their web browser’s address bar. Therefore, they might just forget about your website and look for an alternative website with a remarkable yet easy to remember and easy to type website URL.

When choosing the best URL web address for your blog, make sure that you read your preferred domain name over and over again to ensure that it will not spell an awkward or naughty name or phrase. Because some domain names sound great but mean a different sense from what they really signify, this leads to awkward website URLs. So, when choosing a website URL for your blog, make sure that you take care in naming your website to ensure the integrity and reliability of your weblog.

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