How To Change Your Blog URL in Movable Type

How To Change Your Blog URL in Movable Type

If you have created a website or blog in Movable type, you may want to know how to change your blog URL in Movable Type mainly because you don’t want your website to have just a random name. The changing of the blog URL of your blog on Movable Type might also be due to SEO purposes. By giving your blog an appropriate URL, which often includes important keywords like your company name or your products, you are helping your blog get found on searches done by Internet users. Also, maybe you’re in the process of hosting MovableType on your own domain name.

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Anyway, whatever your reason is for wanting to know how to change your blog URL in Movable Type, here is a simple and easy to follow instruction on how to do so.

Changing Your Blog URL in Movable Type

Follow these steps to change your blog URL:

  • Log In

Log in first to your Movable Type account. Just simply provide your username and password to log in.

  • Configure Your Weblog

Even if you just have registered or you haven’t created any blogs yet on your Movable Type account, you already have a default Weblog on your account. Just click on ‘First Weblog’, the default Weblog on your account, and configure its URL.

After clicking the ‘First Weblog’ link, you then have to click the ‘Weblog Config’ tab on the ‘Manage’ menu.

  • Change Local Site Path and Site URL

You have to change the local site path of your weblog into: /var/www/html/mt

Then change your site URL into:

Make sure that you replace ‘yourdomain’ with the correct domain name of your blog.

  • Change Local Archive Path and Archive URL

After configuring your local site path and your site URL, you can now change you local archive path and your archive URL. You should change them into the following:

Local Archive Path: /var/www/html/mt/archives

Archive URL:

Remember to replace ‘yourdomain’ with your own correct blog domain name.

  • Save and Republish

After you have changed the blog URL, you can then click ‘Save’. You also have to republish your whole site so that the changes that you have made will take effect. You can do that by clicking the ‘Rebuild’ link that will appear after you have saved the necessary changes on your Weblog.

  • Configuring Your First Weblog

After you have configured your URL on Movable Type, you can then create the necessary configurations on your blog. You can then add content, edit the necessary settings and choose your desired templates for your blog. There are already pre-made templates that you can use to make your blog creation much easier. But you can also not use those templates and customize your own blog according to your preference.

Movable Type already has a default weblog, the default blog ‘First Weblog’ that was mentioned on the tutorial above, to make the creation and editing of your first blog much easier and faster. You don’t have to create a new blog once you have registered. You can start editing your first ever Movable Type blog by just clicking the ‘First Weblog’ link on your account.


How To Change Your Blog URL in Movable Type| Move to Self Hosting

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