How to Change Your Blog URL in Blogger

How to Change Your Blog URL in Blogger

If you are using Blogger as your blogging platform, then this article is helpful for you just in case you wanted to know how to change your blog URL in Blogger. Although Blogger do not encourage you to change your URL from time to time and at anytime you want to, there is actually a way to do this. The downside of changing URLs is that you might lose those visitors who frequented your site in the past and you might also lose your ranking in Google, which is important if you are trying to build up an SEO friendly site. The good thing about having your own URL and hosting Blogger on your own domain name is that you will be able to have a more personalized site and you will have the freedom to do everything you want for your blog.

So here are the steps on how to change your URL in Blogger.

Direct Method

There are actually two methods that you can follow when it comes to changing your Blogger URL. The first method is called the Direct Method and this is a very easy process. You can do it in just a few clicks. All you need to do is to log in to your Blogger account. After that, go to the Settings and then click on the Publishing tab. While on the tab, simply change the blog URL that is written there. You will then be asked to enter the CAPTCHA for security, so type the characters in and click the button that says “Save Settings”. And that is basically it, you are now done changing your blog URL and if you access this new URL, you should be taken to your new blog right away.

Export your Old Blog

The other method that you can follow when changing your Blogger URL is ideal only if you do not have that much posts in your blog. This is not recommended for those who have already written a lot of blog posts on their site.

For this method, you will have to create a new blog and you should formulate your desired URL for the blog address. Afterwards, export your old blog to this new blog by logging in to your account in Blogger and then clicking on Settings. After you click on settings, choose the basic tab. On the tab, you should find there an option that says “import”. Click on this in order to import your current blog to the new blog. By doing this method, your old and new blogs will combine and you can also add some banners at this new blog of yours.

If you are considering the thought of hosting Blogger on your own domain name, then you should do this now without any delays because this will greatly benefit you. Not only will you get a professional domain, you will also be able to easily redirect your current web traffic to the new domain that you created. But of course, make sure that you choose a highly efficient web hosting company for this.

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