Best Reasons to Build Your Blog URL Using WordPress

Best Reasons to Build Your Blog URL Using WordPress

Simplifying your blog creation task will be one of your priorities when you start building a blog site. Because there will be tons to do before you can design, edit and configure your site, you will surely think of something that can help you make thing simpler and easier. And if you are serious in doing that, you simply have to choose WordPress.

It is the most popular and most powerful content management system on the Internet today, making it a great choice for webmasters. But if that reason is not good enough for you, here are the best reasons to build your blog URL using WordPress. This will let you know more about WordPress and how it can change the way you look at blog creation.

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Why Choose WordPress

Here are some of the reasons why it would be best for you to choose WordPress to create your very own blog.

  • It’s Free

One of the most wonderful things about WordPress is its license. It is open-source and is available to anyone on the Internet. This means that when you choose WordPress, you won’t have to spend a single dime for the software. You just need to download if from and upload it on your server.  Or, even easier, use a quality web host like Hostgator that makes it easy to set-up WP on your domain name in as fast as 5 minutes.

The installation process of this CMS is also quite simple as most web host companies support WordPress and offer quick installation tools so that you can use your CMS after just a few clicks of your mouse.

  • The Producers and Maintainers Keep WordPress Sustainable

Another thing that makes WordPress great is it is being maintained and updated by a group of great people that work so hard to keep this CMS secure, user-friendly and updated. Automattic has dedicated their time and resources in keeping WordPress the best CMS that you will ever find.

  • Great Plugins

Plugins are some of the best features that WordPress offers. Because of these tools, you can make your website much more functional and appealing to your visitors without having the need to learn or to use scripts and codes to keep everything working.

These plugins are also often free and are regularly maintained and updated to make them safe, secure and efficient.

  • Themes

Another great thing that you will love about WordPress is the themes that you can simply install and customize according to your preference. This gives you the freedom of having the design that you want, in a much uncomplicated procedure.

  • Blog Optimization

WordPress is also quite easy to optimize as there are themes and plugins that are built with SEO, which can greatly help you optimize your website for better rankings and larger traffic.

And because these tools are often free, you can always have an optimized website without spending a dime.

  • Support

Because WordPress has a large community, asking for help is never a problem. There are WordPress users who probably have already experienced your issues. Thus, they can provide you with answers and instructions on how to solve issues, which is a great thing because you don’t have to search the whole Internet for such information.

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